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Top 3 Things to Worry about When Creating an EDI Implementation Project Plan


  • Choose the right EDI service partner for your business
    • Develop an outcome-based EDI project strategy
      • Use the right project management tools

      Take these steps and make them the part of your EDI implementation project strategy right away if you have been asked to be EDI-compliant by your trading partner(s)

      1. Choose the right EDI service partner

      Assess your internal technical infrastructure and resources and see which type of software and team will fit well with your business needs. When you shop around for EDI solutions, ask the right questions to understand what each solution provider will bring to the table, which EDI standards and EDI documents they support along with the cost.

      1. Develop an outcome-based EDI project strategy

      Once you have decided on the right partner, it is necessary to plan the strategy for EDI implementation rollout. The most effective method of EDI implementation involves a step-by-step approach to onboarding your partners.

      Discuss with your EDI partner about:

      1. Project timelines
      2. Order of trading partners to be on boarded
      3. Desired outcome
      4. Tools required
      5. Any external factors that might affect the timelines
      1. Use the right project management tools

      This may not be stressed upon too much by EDI service providers but in general it is important to track and be actively involved in providing and receiving project updates on both sides. You’ll need the right tools and flexibility from your EDI partner to work with your requirements.

      As a best practice, we always advise that it is always better for your internal team to lead the project because no one knows your internal structure or your EDI team structure and your trading partners’ contractual obligations better than you.

      Watch this video to learn more about what all to incorporate in your EDI project management strategy

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