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What is AS2, FTP and VAN? Which one is best for EDI Communication?

On the top is AS2 which is one of the best communication methods with real time data push and updates, is affordable and brings with it the highest level of security

What are EDI Mapping Guidelines?

EDI Mapping refers to the process through which any type of data can be translated to the EDI standard format and vice versa

What are the common EDI Transaction Codes in Different Industries?

All data is communicated between the carrier, shipper, and the consignee in electronic EDI documents known as ANSI X12 “Transaction Sets”.


What are APIs and API Integration? A Comprehensive Guide

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a collection of protocols and tools that facilitate the interaction and communication between software applications.

EDI Standards

What are EDI Standards?

EDI Standards define the basic set of rules for the structure of all EDI documents depending on location/region and specific industry. Even though two companies follow the same standards but the set of information they can carry can be different.

EDI in Retail & Food

Importance of EDI in Retail & Food industry

Food and Retail space is a crowded market with fierce competition around who is able to keep the customers happy with what they want

EDI In Automative Industry

Importance of EDI in the Automotive Industry

Car manufacturing is a complicated process involving a tiered supply chain structure and multiple moving parts
What is Web EDI

What is Web EDI or Cloud Based EDI?

Web EDI or web based EDI or cloud-based EDI means exchange of EDI documents through a web browser. It is a simple and affordable solution that is offered by some managed EDI providers at low upfront cost and mostly based on subscription model.

What does edi mean in different industries

What Does EDI Mean in Different Industries?

EDI (Electronic data Interchange) is the exchange of business documents electronically between two or more business entities.
What is EDI Compliance

What is EDI Compliance? A Complete Guide

EDI Compliance, in simple words refers to a business’s capability to adhere to the trading partners’ requirements as outlined by them.

Follow this step by step process to become EDI compliant



Here’s all you need to know about how EDI and API differ in their applicability along with pros and cons for respective technologies. EDI is suited for secure system-to-system exchange between organizations and enterprise-wide whereas APIs are better suited for direct system integrations between EDI and ERPs to automate the flow of data across an organization.
What is EDI Testing

What is EDI Testing?

EDI testing is a process of checking EDI documents flow end-to-end between organizations and internal systems to ensure smooth data exchange before the actual EDI implementation. Learn why EDI testing is important and astep by step process to create a EDI project or a test plan
EDI in the Healthcare

Importance of EDI in the Healthcare Industry

EDI plays a significant role in managing healthcare payments between the concerned organizations through electronic data transmission with standard formats mostly ANSI.Electronic Data Interchange in Healthcare industry ensures data security, eliminates errors, saves time, money and resources and visibility throughout the system between healthcare organizations, patients and insurers.

EDI in Transportation

Importance of EDI in Transportation and Logistics Industry

Here is a complete guide and all you need to know about EDI in Transportation and Logistics industry. The commonly used EDI documents in trucking are EDI 204, EDI 997, EDI 210, EDI 211 and EDI 214 and EDI 990.

How Long Does It Take to Implement EDI?

How Long Does It Take to Implement EDI?

It takes about four to six weeks to implement an EDI solution. Learn about different scenarios and different EDI implementation timelines in how long does it take to implement EDI article and video by EDI Support LLC.

How and When to Get Started with EDI

How and When to Get Started with EDI

Learn when and how you should start doing EDI. Whether you are a start-up or a small business, are you ready to evaluate step-by-step if you should go ahead with a new EDI setup and implementation?

Importance of EDI in Manufacturing

Importance of EDI in Manufacturing

Learn the importance of EDI in the manufacturing sector and the common EDI ANSI X12 transactions used by manufacturers to exchange between them and sellers or buyers.
What is EDI Translation Software

What is EDI Translation Software? Understanding the Basics of EDI

EDI Translator or EDI translation software converts data from different non-EDI formats like XML, CSV etc. to an EDI format that is standardized in nature and vice-versa. Understand in detail all about EDI translation and mapping.
What is EDI Order Processing

What is EDI Order Processing and Automation?

Learn about EDI order processing and automation in detail with examples and things to remember when evaluating EDI software providers offering automation solutions.

What are Benefits of EDI

What are Benefits of EDI?

As huge benefits and advantages of EDI, you can increase the volume of orders, become more efficient, free up time for your team, reduce errors, improve speed and accuracy, increase visibility into operations and employ an environmental friendly solution.
How Does EDI Facilitate Electronic Transactions

How Does EDI Facilitate Electronic Transactions? Basics of EDI

Learn how EDI facilitates the transmission of EDI documents between computer systems and the benefits of EDI in business with an example.

What is an EDI Payment

What is an EDI Payment? EDI 820

An EDI Payment (EDI 820) is an electronic payment remittance advice that transmits information like payer and payee name, amount, method of payment, account and bank routing information, currency, payment date from buyer to seller.

how to improve EDI in the workplace

How To Improve EDI in The Workplace?

Learn the EDI best practices you should follow for a successful EDI project and tips on how to improve EDI at workplace if you suspect things are not going as desired.

What are the Problems With Most Managed EDI Services?

What are the Problems With Most Managed EDI Services?

Learn about some issues and problems you might have to face with some managed EDI service providers and how they can affect your business.

What are the different types of EDI

What Are The Different Types of EDI?

Learn about the different types of EDI that you can choose from depending on your internal resources and company infrastructure.

EDI Specialist

Looking for an EDI Specialist?

Contact EDI Support LLC to see how our EDI specialists can help you resolve your EDI problem. But, first learn the need and role of an EDI specialist in a team if you are looking to do EDI.
EDI Specialist

What is EDI in Ecommerce?

Learn about the difference between EDI and ecommerce and the importance of implementing EDI and ecommerce together.
Choosing the right EDI provider

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right EDI Provider and Team

Choosing the right EDI provider for your business is crucial in order to make your EDI project successful and take your business to the next level.

How to Successfully Migrate from TrueCommerce to Boomi

How to Successfully Migrate from TrueCommerce to Boomi? A Complete Guide

As a silver Boomi EDI consulting and implementation partner, EDI Support provides end-to-end Boomi implementation services from trading partner onboarding to continuous monitoring of your document flow.
How to Handle a Lack of Post-Implementation Support From Your EDI Provider?

How to Handle a Lack of Post-Implementation Support From Your EDI Provider?

Learn what to do in case you face lack of support from your EDI provider and what are the different types of EDI errors you can face.
How to Seamlessly Integrate EDI with Shopify

How to Seamlessly Integrate EDI with Shopify

Learn the best practices on how to integrate EDI seamlessly with Shopify using proven best practices for dropship companies.