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EDI Outsourcing Vs Managed EDI Services

EDI Outsourcing

means that a third party tech company you hire takes on all responsibilities related to your EDI processing from strategy, planning, implementation to continued support. They may not necessarily own an EDI software that you want to utilize for trading with your trading partners. They will take care of everything end-to-end and you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to EDI. You worry about your business.

Managed EDI Service companies

on the other hand are third-party EDI services companies that usually have built their own cloud-based EDI software and are offering them to companies like yours (manufacturing, retail/food, fashion, logistics, automotive and financial institutions) at a price. They handle some of the responsibilities like providing their software, managing map updates, communication, support etc. You as a company are still involved in the EDI implementation and managing them.

Here’s video that explains you in detail the difference between EDI Outsourcing and Managed EDI companies:

The benefits of using an outsourced tech company or a managed EDI service and why it’s gaining more popularity over in-house software:
  1. You’ll save on the cost of investing in your own infrastructure while ensuring that you have access to the right level of skills to deliver the service you want
    • These third-party companies also assist you with integrating into your back-end systems like your accounting, warehouse management systems, transportation management systems etc. with the right skill set
      • You can better utilize your internal resources for the tasks that generate revenue for your business

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