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What are On-Premise, Managed EDI Services and Cloud Based EDI Solutions?

On-premise EDI Solutions

EDI software that is owned in-house and operated from a company’s own server and infrastructure is known to be an on-premise EDI solution. The company retains complete control over all aspects of their EDI system including administration, monitoring, backup and recovery, upgrades,security, access and data integrity. To build an in-house solution you’ll need a translator (EDI software package license), a network and a server and a full-time EDI trained staff that manages your EDI operations.

Managed EDI Services

Software is typically provided and managed by an outside entity that has all the tools and resources to handle complete end-to-end EDI implementations and support known as a managed EDI service provider. This is the most common model that companies all sizes use today because it frees company’s time to focus its resources in revenue-generating activities.The company using a managed EDI service has full access to the software at all times but does not need to take care of operations-related activities.

Managed EDI Service companies handle everything from the beginning of the EDI implementation project- communication with trading partners, managing map updates, onboarding new trading partners, testing, production along with continued monitoring support. As a best practice, your company/your tech/edi team should be very closely involved with the managed edi services team to make your project a success.

Cloud-based EDI Solutions

Cloud based solutions are web-based that enable businesses to transact EDI documents between each other without the need of an on-premiseinfrastructure. There is an online portal assigned with login details to access the cloud EDI application through any browser. These types of solutions are easy to manage,more secure and are fairly easy to provide updates. There are no license costs involved but only a monthly/yearly flat rate that covers support

How to Choose the Right EDI Solution for your Business?

When choosing the right EDI solution among many different options consider different aspects of your company- size, infrastructure, volume of transactions, back-end systems that need to be integrated, affordability (cost of different EDI solutions) and human resources (trained EDI staff).

With 50+ years of combined EDI experience, our EDI consultants have proven to suggest the best solutions that work for your business considering all the above factors. Not only suggesting the best EDI solutions but servicing end-to-end full implementations and continued support for these various solutions at affordable pricing has been the core of our operation.

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