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Best EDI Software for Small Business

Top 2 Affordable EDI solutions in the EDI Marketplace


  • Dell Boomi- Cloud-based EDI Software
    • Vantree Systems- Cloud based EDI Software

    Here are our top 2 picks for affordable EDI solutions for your small or medium-sized business (irrespective of the order) based on technical abilities, pricing options and highest level of customer service:

    1. Dell Boomi

    One of the most robust and cutting edge EDI solutions in the marketplace. Their cloud-based software offers a subscription model and a pay as you go model. The platform will allow you to work with any EDI standard format whether it is ANSI X12, VICS, UCS, CSV, XML, JSON etc.and any type of EDI communications including AS2, FTP, API etc. You can learn the platform for free via self-service and also have access to a community learning portal to learn from other Boomi customers.This software truly enables you to be successful in EDI and data integration along with having us as EDI consultants by your side.

    The platform has security features with which you can deploy the processing entity to your local network and only meta data is exchanged with the Boomi platform. This is a needed feature for healthcare or any other companies looking to provide extra security layer to their data. Boomi has other extended features that companies may need like API Management, Data Catalog & Preparation, Flow, and Master Data Hub further down.

    1. Vantree Systems

    If you are looking for an EDI platform that offers embedded EDI Solutions into your existing ERP Solution and they have managed services then, checkout Vantree.They offer Web EDI that will follow a personalized workflow with 24/7 visibility on transactions. You can receive and send EDI documents with a few clicks. They also have developed EDI solutions through their own programming and support. Vantree supports all types of EDI communications VAN, AS2 and FTP which is a blessing.

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