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EDI 864 Text Message

EDI 864 Text Message Definition

The EDI 864 transaction set is an electronic Text Message that is used to electronically transmit codes, messages, table descriptions, contracts and other one-time communication for people, not for computer processing. The EDI 864 document is sent for multiple purposes like sending a text message about the reception of invalid data or other messages to vendors or suppliers. The use of this transaction set to transmit quasi or unique transaction set standards is discouraged.

EDI 864 Specification

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data content of the Text Message Transaction Set (864) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used to provide users with a capability to electronically move messages, contracts, explanations, and other one-time communications.
It is the intent of this transaction set to provide electronic communication (messages) for people, not for computer processing. The use of the transaction set to transmit quasi or unique transaction set standards is discouraged.
The use of the Text Message transaction set demands of the sender certain detailed information about the recipient. The transaction set’s purpose is to provide communication to the recipient in some human-readable form. The recipient’s network will dictate what capabilities are available for delivery of the information. It is the responsibility of the sender to obtain this information and include it in the transmission.
Source: Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data]. Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA. https://x12.org/node/4406

Components of an EDI 864 Text Massage:

  • Message date
  • Message time
  • Recipient identifying information
  • Free-form message text

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EDI 864 Sample File Format (Raw EDI File)

ISA*00*          *00*          *12*111111111      *12*222222222      *230512*2119*U*00401*000000212*0*P*>~GS*TX*111111111*222222222*20230512*2119*3*X*004010~ST*864*000000003~BMG*18*000266353~MIT*000266353**80*55~MSG*                         INVOICE ERRORS      EDIT DATE:2023-05-12*NP~MSG*TXT NBR: 000266353                REPORTED TO:              EDIT TIME:21:06:45*SS~MSG*                         TRADING PARTNER NAME*SS~MSG*                             SENDER ID: INTERCHANGE REC*SS~MSG*        THE FOLLOWING INVOICES HAVE BEEN REJECTED DUE TO*DS~MSG*        VIOLATION(S) OF THE MAPPING SPECIFICATIONS.*SS~MSG*        YOU MUST CORRECT AND RETRANSMIT UTILIZING THE SAME INVOICE*SS~MSG*        NUMBER WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS.  OTHERWISE, THESE REJECTED*SS~MSG*        INVOICES WILL BE DELETED FROM OUR SYSTEM AND WILL NOT BE*SS~MSG*        PAID.*SS~MSG*        IF YOU CANNOT CORRECT AND RETRANSMIT THE INVOICE(S) IN*DS~MSG*        ERROR, NOTIFY YOUR EDI PRODUCTION SUPPORT CONTACT OR CALL*SS~MSG*  INVOICE NUMBER        E R R O R   M E S S A G E*DS~MSG*INVOICE#             ED18  INVALID ALLOWANCE/CHARGE AMOUNT RECEIVED*SS~MSG*INVOICE#             ED15  INVOICE AMOUNT OUT OF BALANCE*SS~SE*19*000000003~GE*1*3~IEA*1*000000212~

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